Are you one of those people who is just way too do-it-yourself to buy a pre-rolled cigarette?  Do you need a little help when it comes to rolling your own joint?  (talkin purely about nicotine here people… ok, no where not).  Hell, maybe you never touch the stuff… but you want to be that go-to person who helps out your buddies that are to fried to do anything themselves.

Well, you needn’t look any further than your super-handy iPhone and the app Roll Your Own ($Free).  Pick your style, technique, how to pack-it and even step-by-step videos for those of you with an oddly short memory.  It’s tap-tap-puff-puff awesome!  Here’s how the makers at Steah describe it:


Master the art of
➜ Basic rolling
➜ Preparation
➜ Mixtures
➜ Papers
➜ Packing
➜ Crutches

Learn to ROLL YOUR OWN easily with
✔ Videos
✔ Photos with step-by-step instructions
✔ Preparation methods

If you’re a seasoned roller, or curious about complex rolling techniques, get the additional starter pack for $0.99 and get three new techniques!

With a push of a button you can
➜ Tell us if you’re having problems & we’ll respond
➜ Tell us about your own unique rolling technique
➜ Tell your friends about ROLL YOUR OWN

The ritualistic practice of rolling your own, whether for recreational, medicinal or spiritual purposes, has been practiced around the world for over 3,000 years.