nfl_logoHere’s a quick look at week 7 in the NFL.  We were a little better last week, going 9-5 and bringing our yearly record to 52-38.  Still a lot of upsets in the NFL, and this week there are some tough games to pick.  We will do our best to steer you right.

Cincinnati at Atlanta:  Ok, so we missed on Atlanta beating the Eagles.  We seemed to have forgotten how hard it is to play in Philadelphia for anyone.  Cincinnati is coming off a bye and brings their dysfunction to the Georgia Dome.  This could be a hard match up for the Falcons with Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him Ochocinco) and T.O. coming to town.  The Bengals are so talented, but have a tough schedule.   We’re going Falcons in this one.

Washington at Chicago:  In a game we really thought would go the other way, the Bears lost to the Seahawks last week.  One bright spot was a kick return by Devon Hester and if the Bears can get him back to scaring teams that will only help.  The Redskins hung tough with the Colts last week.  Both of these teams are hard to pick.  Personally, we don’t think Chicago is as good as its record and if they can’t provide some pass protection and running game they are going to fold.  We think the Redskins’ defensive line will give them problems.   And the Skins will win this game.

Philadelphia at Tennessee:  In the return of Michael Vick, he gets one of the better defenses in the league to beat on him.  Both teams are coming off convincing wins in week 6.   Vince Young could sit this one out and will be a game time decision on Sunday.   Again, this one is hard to pick.  Chris Johnson is a hard guy to stop when he gets going.  We think that the Eagles sneak in and take this one from the Titans.

Jacksonville at Kansas City:  Quick, name Jacksonville’s backup quarterback…..Exactly.  The Chiefs will get a bad Jacksonville team starting a back up QB.  I’m disappointed in the Chiefs.  We know they are getting into the meat and potatoes of their schedule, but you have to finish games a little better.  A bright spot was two touchdowns by Dwayne Bowe, proving he actually can catch the ball.  This is almost a no brainer pick for us.  The Jaguars will have a tough time playing in one of the league’s toughest venues.  The Chiefs win in this one and can build some distance in the division with San Diego having a tough game against New England this week.

Pittsburgh at Miami:  Did we call it last week for Big Ben or what?  Struggle early with a pick, and then he comes back and throws three touchdowns.  This one will be a bit more difficult for sure and Miami is coming off a bye.  Miami should hang ok in this game, but we still think the Steelers are the best team in the league right now.  Big Ben only makes them better.   The Steelers will take this one.

Cleveland at New Orleans:  See, that’s the way you do it New Orleans.  You beat teams that are not as good as you, and you beat them soundly.  Good news, the Browns are coming to town!  Colt McCoy got a rude welcome to the NFL against the Steelers last week.  We don’t think it will get much better then week.   Look for this one to get ugly quick.  Saints win.

St. Louis at Tampa Bay:  We are either going to stop picking the Chargers or start picking for the Rams.   Let’s start this week then.  The Rams defense is finally coming around.  Led by their defensive line.  They have invested so much first round talent that it is finally paying off.  Tampa Bay proved they are still a year or so away from hanging with good teams after a shellacking by the Saints.  The Rams are not as good on the road, but we think they can win this game. 

San Francisco at Carolina:  The 49ers finally get off the losing streak with a win against the Raiders last week.  Although starting slow, their offense finally picked up and the 49ers found out what happens when you don’t have four turnovers a game.  You actually win.  The Panthers are going back to former starter Matt Moore as he takes the reins from Jimmy Clausen.   Who knows who will win this game really?  The 49ers should win, but they are as reliable as cloth diapers.  Either way, we will go with the 49ers on this one as they go into full on panic mode to try to save their season.

Buffalo at Baltimore:  Sorry Buffalo, there is really nothing nice to say about you.  Enjoy losing this week.  Ravens, handle your business please.   Your loss to the Patriots is just one of those things that happen.  Take them to OT, and at that point you know it’s a 50/50 gamble on who wins.

Arizona at Seattle:  The Seahawks continue to surprise us each week.  We forecast the end of Matt Hasselback last week, but he surprised us. Rookie Max Hall is coming off a win versus the Saints and has had a week to get ready for this game.  Seattle is a tough place to play for good quarterbacks.  We think the Cardinals will have a tough day and Seattle will win this one.

Oakland at Denver:  Only Oakland can dominate half of a football game like they did last week and still lose by two scores.  Denver is getting a much needed break from tough defenses.  Too bad Denver doesn’t run the ball better against an Oakland team that is not very good against the run.  Quick, name the Denver receiver that is leading the league in yards???  That would be Brandon Lloyd.   Denver should be able to exploit Oakland’s safeties this week.  Denver wins.

New England at San Diego:   This could be such a better game if San Diego wasn’t playing like a bunch of chumps.  But they always play New England tough.  The Patriots came out of the Randy Moss deal smelling like a rose after Deion Branch comes back like he never left.   The Brady/Branch connection should only get better with time.  The Chargers are a mess.  Giving up seven sacks to the Rams last week has to have Phillip Rivers steaming.   We think this game will be close.  But we can’t pick against New England this week.  You’ve burned us one too many times Chargers.

Minnesota at Green Bay:  Big game this week for both teams.  The Packers need to get the ship righted quick, too bad a Minnesota team that is starting to pick up some momentum is coming to town.  You know Brett Favre will be jacked for this game in his return to Lambeau field.  A few weeks ago this was a harder game to pick.  This week not as much for us, as we think the Vikings go in and win this one.

New York Giants at Dallas:  Guess which team is quietly sitting atop the NFC East?  The Giants are (tied with Philadelphia).  All that talk in Dallas about hosting the Superbowl may have just been air from a buffoon (I’m talking to you Jerry Jones).  The Cowboys continue to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties.  You know the Giants are going to play sound football and we are not completely sold on them yet.   These games are always tough games.  But we are going with the Giants on this one.

Byes: Lions, Texans, Colts, Jets