Alabama starts this year where they finished last year, at number one.   Receiving 55 of 59 first places votes, they are followed in the poll by Ohio State, Florida, Texas and Boise State, who also finished 2010 with a perfect record. 

Rounding out the top ten are power house schools Virgina Tech, TCU, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa.  Nebraska, in its last year in the Big 12 looks to build upon a strong finish in 2009 and join the Big Ten with some momentum.  

The next 10 schools include Oregon, Wisconsin, Miami, Penn State and Pittsburgh. They were followed by LSU, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Arkansas and Florida State.  Florida State begins a new era at their program, no Bobby Bowden roaming the sidelines.  

Filling the bottom five are Georgia, Oregon State, Auburn, and Utah and West Virginia tied for No. 24.

Biggest thoughts is will Idaho State be able to go undefeated and finally get to crash the BCS title game?  It will be tough considering the teams in front of them, doubtful more that one of the top five lose a game this season.   And with heavyweights Oklahoma and Nebraska below them, I don’t think it will be a possibility.  Not under the current format we have in college football.   Look for the SEC and the Big 12/Big Ten to be present in the title game again.