Let’s imagine for a moment that you, and a group of your bestest buddies, got together and designed the most badass, rubber burning, gear-head jizzing, panty dropping piece of nuts & bolts you could possibly imagine.  My guess is it would turn out looking something like this…

It’s okay, you can take a minute to oooo and ahhhhhh.  This is the insanely SICK FireBreather ($85,000-ish, for the Bad-Ass version).

This little pearl was created for a movie… the way I imagine it, is that after every woman on the set had an instant orgasm the second this rolled across the lot, their designer witnessed this and immediately set to work on creating the street legal version.  I mean com’mon, EVERYONE (with a spare $85k) should be able to live through such vaginal glory.

I really can’t imagine much more worth saying about the FireBreatherthe care speaks volumes for itself.  Here are some specs… and a few more shots for you.  There is a kit conversion for around $35k… but if you’re going to do it people… don’t be a pussy, do it right![slideshow]