Anything that has a description of military grade gets me a bit hard, and thus makes me pay attention.  Sure it is probably some snappy marketing ploy, but who cares?  This thing is bad beyond bad.  The Parrot AR. Drone seems to be the perfect little toy for the kid in all of us.   Dubbed by the Parrot as the flying video game, I see that they have delivered on that tagline. 

Some of the specs on this thing are just sick, but the best part is it is controllable by your iPhone or iPod touch.  It has two cameras on it that project back to your device via its own wi-fi connection.  Using these cameras and wi-fi connection, you can actually do battle with someone else’s drone in a battle to the death.  Or something like that.   The Parrot Drone also has ultrasound sensors to judge height from the ground, as well as an autopilot mode to take control of the drone should you lose your connection or get a phone call while wasting your days away.   So no more deadly crashes, unless they are guided by you and you alone. 

True, there is no practical use for this thing.  Aside from floating it over your hot neighbors pool to see the new bikini.  And at a $299 price tag from Brookstone, it is not your impulse buy at all.  But with all the technology that seems to be included, $299 seems like a pretty good deal really. 

But if that price still seems a bit to high, you can enter to win your own by going here on their site.  Pass a few pilots agility tests and get into the top 1000 to qualify for the drawing. 

Speaking of pilots, if you have never tried this little web-based game, it can be addicting.