To celebrate the 100th post of the newest/sickest/badest-assed/coolest/dopest/awesomest/unrealest (your choice) blog in the world… here are our personal top 5 posts, and a few other “100 best’s” for your viewing pleasure.  Thank you for riding the awesome wave with us… now let’s paddle back out and keep going!!!!

WhiteGlossy top 5:

EggshellWhite top 5:

Now… for some great 100’s:

Eggshell says:

Top 100 Swear Words:  In 20 languages.  If you want some english ones, just message us and we will insult you in five ways.

Top 100 Dog Names:  Boys & Girls, find something innovative to name that little moocher that lives with you.

WhiteGlossy says: I just couldn’t pick one… or two… or even three… so here are more than a couple of things I hold close to my heart: Netflix top 100, Billboard Top 100 songs, AFI Top 100 Movie Quotes, Top 100 porn Sites