Soooooo….. it’s Monday.  Aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd yesterday’s festivities kinda kicked our ass in a MAJOR way.  Sooooooo…. the world can kindly suck my dick, I’m going back to bed!

While I’m at home praying to the porcelain god and wishing I never put Jack into my mouth (Daniels… pervs)… reminisce through days of yore with links to all of our awesome, and still completely relevant, stuff that you may have missed… or love enough to read again.

Zombie PreparednessReviews of pretty much everything awesomeCheck out cool new bands with “New Ear Drum PenetrationShitz & Gigglez with Uncle Paysteeand “Tasty Libations” (oh god…. Puke) for your next Party or quiet night in.