I know I already covered lanterns and lighting up the campsite with both classic and new tech… but I also want to talk about something else.  I have this very cool flashlight that I’ve used around the house for about a year or so now… it’s a unique little guy that quickly became my go-to light when working on pretty much any honey-do.  Very dependable… I can dim the brightness… bendable tripod legs for standing up or gripping onto almost anything I need… and magnets build into the feet for attaching to almost any work surface (I imagine this light being a must-have for any mechanic!).  I am talking about the GorillaTorch ($30).

I took this little gem along on my recent camping trip as a last-minute ad-on, and its true versatility shone brighter than ever before (pun intended).  I was either attaching it to things with its wrap-around legs (Tent posts, chairs, tree branches, etc) or I was using its magnetic feet to stick it on when needed (cars, pop-up posts, etc)… all for the super convenience of not having to hold a flashlight at all!  And in the middle-of-the-night when a trip to the little boys room was necessary… I simply turned it on with the very dim setting, so I didn’t interrupt anyone’s sleep.  my last-minute decision was a blessing… and the GorillaTorch has now become a must have part of my camping arsenal!

Here is how Joby describes their cool product:

Materials Legs and flashlight housing:

  • Tough ABS plastic
  • Durable TPE grip rings
  • Super powerful neodymium magnets


  • Ultra-bright CREE LED
  • High quality reflector optics
  • Polycarbonate lens
Brightness 65 lumens
Battery 3 AA batteries
(Batteries included in USA, but not internationally due to restrictions)
Size 20 × 7.5 × 6.5cm (5.5cm diameter bezel)
Weight 185g (6.5oz) (including batteries)
Colors available in gray, orange, yellow, and blue
Usage ideas
  • Power outages
  • Lights-out reading
  • Campsite illumination
  • Roadside assistance
  • Home improvement
  • Auto repair
  • Creative lighting
  • Night-time barbecuing
  • and more!