The crazy tools (as in workable tools, not “tools” as in lame douchebags that don’t have a clue…. these dudes are all super cool peeps) at Leatherman are stepping up their game!  When you think of a multi-tool called the “Wingman” you, of course, think of awesome 70’s era action flics covered in slick cars and bodacious babes, right?  No?  Really???  Well we do, and apparently… so do the PR geniuses at leatherman.

But hey…. Why let our words muck-up their smooth skills of time-warping us all back to the days of yore (and by yore I mean flower power, MembersOnly jackets & staches that rival that of the legendary Tom Selleck)… check out their site HERE… and the swanky video they made below: