Eggshell, Paystee and I were at lunch today… having our usual Monday Bloody Marys, beer chasers, Whiskey chaser-chasers and grilled cheese.  Our brainstorming session had just wrapped when we all paused to take another our first shot.  That’s when we heard it…

Ok Fine babe, I’m all by myself while you’re out there taking care of your mom…  you tell me what scenario WOULD let me bone a piece of random ass without you being pissed?!?!

Yeah… we were speechless too (and kinda wished we started paying attention earlier!).  Dude, this bro must have freakin bowling balls between his legs to even think that… much-less say it!!!  Paystee damn-near hugged the guy when he got off the phone.  And now, we have a new friend!!!

Hi Mark.