How many times have you purchased an item from your favorite local big-box store (cough*Best Buy*cough) only to go home, fire up the computer and find the exact same item for half the price on!?!  We’ve fallen victim to this very scenario more than a time or two.  Well, those bastards at Amazon finally got off their asses and did something about it!!!  (sorry for the ire, spent waaaayyyy too much on Christmas last year because of this very problem)

Introducing the Price Check for iPhone app (FREE)… finally you can purchase with the absolute sense of frugality that you deserve!  Remember though… just because you might find it cheaper elsewhere doesn’t mean you’ll get it in time for Christmas!!!  If you have it right there in front of you for a couple of bucks more… well, just keep that in mind.

According to Amazon you have several options… you can:

  1. Scan it – scan the barcode for prices
  2. Snap it – take a picture of books, DVDs, CDs & video games
  3. Say it – simply say the product name and the search begins
  4. Type it – type the name, brand or model #

And all with the same shopping ease of mind you get when buying from online.  Again… would have loved this one last year, but happy it’s here now!