Blanton’s Kentucky Single Barrel Whiskey: No aftertaste at all, pretty damn smooth. Upon first sip you think you may get that cheap whiskey but it transitions onto my tongue and into belly nicely. Nummy num numbs. I never ever drink anything straight or on the rocks but the directions said I must. I abided and I can say I’m not taken back by it……nom nom. I knew this was the good shit by the box/bag/bulletproof shield it was presented it. It has a f+cking gold horse with a cork…..yeah you heard right…..a horse with a damn gold jockey. Recognize. And if you’re a 99%er you’ll never experience this because Blanton’s is $70. But it proves the point that no matter how bomb ass and expensive the liquor, the wife still gets upset when I piss on the couch.

Here are some official specs from the maker:

Type: Bourbon Whiskey
Recipe: Corn – Rye – Malted Barley
Mash Type: Sour
Still Proof: 70% Alcohol by Volume – 140 proof
Entry Proof: 62.5% Alcohol by Volume – 125 proof
Warehouse: H
Barrel Type: White Oak
Maker: Independent Stave
Staves: 6 month air dry
Treatment: #4 Char
Filtration: Chill Filtered
Bottle Proof: 46.5% Alcohol by Volume – 93 proof
Color: Reddish Amber Color