So yes… it is a bit of a mouthful, and yes… it’s from a relatively unknown bluetooth headset maker.  However, after about a month of taking this little guy for a spin… I can say that I have a new favorite!!!

Let’s be real, NOBODY likes strapping a lame-ass headset to the side of their head (unless you’re one of those retarded 40-somethings that enjoys looking like a cross between a HUUUUUUGE dork and a robot).  It’s an awkward but absolutely necessary piece of tech that all of us cellphone-talking-while-driving bastards need, especially if you live in a state that makes oldschool hand-to-ear talking a fineable offense (if it’s not yet… it’s coming).

So… if you have to get a headset for driving and talking, and you would like to get one that’s bluetooth (aka wireless); then I HIGHLY recommend picking up the Bluetrek Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Headset ($70).  My in-a-nutshell review is this: It’s lighter than anything I’ve ever used, just as clear (on both ends) as anything else I’ve tried and is comfortable as hell on my ear.

The longer version: I am impressed!

For quite some time I’ve been using, and loving, the Jabra Stone 2 (which you can read about in “Hey… Are You hands-Free Yet?!“).  It works great, has wonderful clarity, and is small/unassuming.  However, the big problem I have with any wrap-around-the-ear bluetooth devices is that it makes wearing glasses very difficult.  It creates this annoying and uncomfortable “tightness” right behind the ear… you know, that place that inducing mind numbing migraines.  The Bluetrek Carbon actually rests inside of your ear allowing the sungazers and four-eyes of the world to drive n’ talk comfortably.  How do they keep it in your ear?  Magic.  They say something about a comfortably snug fit and super-lightweight carbon body… but I say Magic.

I’m going to give you all of their cool techno-stats in a second, but I will leave you with this.  Truthfully… this is a damn good bluetooth headset.  It’s very lightweight, the battery lasts for about a week and a half (which is good), a large button makes answering and making calls very simple… and, aside from it looking a little bit like an AT&T operators mic, doesn’t make you feel like too big of a dork.  But PLEEEEEAAAASE take it off when you’re not using it!!!!  Or at least when you’re not driving anymore.

Here’s the specs (Afterwords is their how-to video):

This first Bluetooth headset made with real carbon fiber is equipped with the best in class audio enhancement technology – Noise Lock™ noise cancellation and wind and echo cancellation, to assure crystal clear conversations for both user and receiver.A patent pending mechanism allows for the first time use of carbon fiber in such a product, reducing weight and bulkiness to the earpiece to warrant long-term comfortable wear.

Bluetrek Carbon also features Bluetooth 3.0, easy pairing, advanced voice prompts, simultaneous connection to two mobile phones, universal micro USB connector and mechanical on-off switch.

  • 5.9g ultra light
  • Ultra fast connection
  • Bluetooth 3.0 enabled which connects 8 times faster than Bluetooth 2.1. You will never miss any calls by keeping your Carbon off and turn it on only when there is an incoming call.
  • Mechanical ON/OFF switch
  • Always know if your headset is on or off. Never call someone by mistake.
  • Voice Alert in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Mandarin
  • Reminds you of the actions in your headset such as: connect/ disconnect, call rejected, last number redial, low battery, mute/ unmute etc.
  • Multipoint technology : Supports active connections with 2 Bluetooth enabled mobile devices simultaneously
  • Simplified Pairing
  • No PIN code needed for most of the latest models of mobile devices
  • Battery Status on iPhone
  • Battery meter shows in the status bar of your iPhone™ automatically.
  • Dual color LED (Blue & Red):
  • To signify charge, end of charge, battery level, stand-by and communication
  • Removable pen clip: Keep you headset always with you, convenient to carry.
  • Earhook is unnecessary: 4 different size ear buds that fit comfortably into your ear. Comfortable even when wearing glasses.
  • VoIP: Supports Bluetooth enabled computers for VoIP calling, such as Skype.
  • Other operation features
  • volume up, volume down, mute, unmute, transfer calls between phone and headset, call waiting, call reject*, last number redial*, reset ,etc.
  • *Features may vary depending upon your mobile phone etc.