He’s been a funny man with a self-titled sitcom, a go-to Latino in comedies-o-plenty, the staple Hispanic voice in more animated kids movies than I’m sure he’d like to admit and most recently the host of his very own late-night talk show “Lopez Tonight” with one hell of a lead-in (hint: think tall and topped off with a massive red swoosh)… but now, it looks like George Lopez will be spending a little time at home with the familia.

Announced today, TBS has officially cancelled Georgies show.  Blame it on the craziest late-night musical chair act to ever happen… or on the fact that PEOPLE JUST AREN’T UP THAT F’ING LATE ANYMORE… either way, happy trails Mr. Lopez.  I look forward to hearing your voice as Tippy, the coffee cup with a heart of gold that’s been callously stuck in the back of the cupboard for too long.