Running sucks.  But running sucks less with New Balance 880‘s ($100).  If you don’t have a pair I’m faster than you.  If you have a pair, I’m still faster than you but at least your feet look good too.  I’ve run in nothing but Nike Vomero’s since the initial Vomero 1 came out. I decided to try out another brand completely and if you’re a runner you can understand the fear associated with this.  It’s like going from vagina to wiener….not really…not really at all but it’s a scary scary thing to switch running shoes entirely.  They’re sweet looking for sure, make my feet look faster with the 880’s inspired neon green (insert Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran So Far Away” here).  Every time I see that neon green I associate it with New Balance.  Soft meshy tongue like my sex doll and the best laces that running shoes offer.  If you’re thinking “who gives a sh!t about laces?!”  First off congratulations on achieving a 2nd grade reading level by being here and secondly… I give a sh!t about laces on running shoes and New Balance has the best laces in the business.  Not too short, not too long for a double knot and they don’t come untied with every step like Fike’s (for legal sake).
They do something that my Vomero’s don’t and they place more emphasis on the balls of your feet.  What’s that you say?  You don’t have balls on your feet?  Well I didn’t think I did either until I put these 880’s on and realized you’re supposed to run on them and not your heels.  They’re almost like wearing high heels, I’ve never worn heels but a gay buddy told me as we morning cuddled, but in a comfortable manly way as they generate a decline from heel to toes which is what I need.
I have what you call in the running industry caveman feet meaning I obtain absolutely no arch, they’re hairy, they pitch insurance and drag women around by their hair.  Since I like eating and consuming alcohol and there’s nothing coming up past 6 miles on my calendar, I’m not sure how they feel in long mileage.  So far I’ve run about 10 miles in a couple workouts and they’re fine for the 5k to 10k distance.  Nice snug feel on the heel which 3 out of 5 shoes have the heel slip for me and they grasp firmly around my entire foot.
Not too shabby New Balance with the 880’s, not too shabby. This has abolished any fear of transitioning into some other styles of New Balance runners.  Overall I’m stoked about them and most importantly my wife says they’re pretty.