Warning…May contain spoilers..

This weekend’s champ at the box office was Paranormal Activity 2 and I was right there on Sunday afternoon to catch up on the second installment of a movie I loved from last year. 

Of course I had seen the trailers, but on purpose I didn’t read up much on the story line.  I figured it would be a lot like the original and it was.  What I wasn’t planning on is loving the way this story line was weaved into the original movie.

If you’ve seen the original, you know it is about a young couple that is tormented by a demon.  And in the sequel, you are taken into the home of a young family of four (and a dog).  The kicker is that the wife is actually the sister of the lead character in the original movie.  This is where you start to get the interweaving of the story line as this movie is set actually before the events of the original movie. 

In this movie, the usual amounts of haunted house debauchery take place.  Pots falling, dog barking, cabinets flying open, baby levitating, and the good old-fashioned woman being drug down the stairs.  In the end, it is actually the family in this movie that gives the demon to the couple in the first one, by trying to get rid of it. Good luck with that, cause it comes back for what it wanted in the first place which we find out is the baby. 

As far as sequels go, this one delivered greatly.  And I hope they don’t make another one either.  Because this was the perfect blend of the first and second.  I recommend seeing the first (which is streaming on Netflix now) and then go see the second.   It will make the experience all that more scary.