Hey… just out of curiosity, have you been paying attention?!?!?  “How so” you ask… I’m talking about all of the bitchen reviews we’ve written over the past 7 months for the sole purpose of making you a better consumer!!!  That’s right, we spend hours upon hours tirelessly testing new products so that you can go forward into this cruel world a little bit more prepared.  We talk about Headphones, gaming systems, gloves, audio docks, entertainment remotes, tripods (and others with more legs) and way more! 

How do you find it all the easy way?  Friends… we’ve made it as easy as we possibly could.  Over there on the left side of the page (← That Way), go to “Categories” and scroll down till you find “Reviews (Stuff)“, “Reviews (TV/Movies/Music)” and under “Nerd Stuff” you can find “Reviews (Mobile Phone Apps)“.  Keep an eye on that section too… as we add more and more reviews we may break it down a bit more for you.  Either way, all great info for you moving forward!!!

Have questions… you can always holla acha boys for more.