It doesn’t really matter if you like or dislike Russell Brand as a person, the fact is… he is, undeniably, one funny-as-hell comedian!!!!  His seemingly random mumblings jumping from cross-dressing marsupials to cocoa-puffs dipped in heroine are things of pure genius.  Don’t believe me? Don’t think he’s totally brilliant?  Then let’s have ourselves a good ole’ fashioned experiment!!!  This Thursday (yes, as in tomorrow) Mr. Brand’s new show, Brand X, is kicking off at 11pm on FX.  I’m going to watch it… you tune in (or set your DVR) and watch it… then let’s meet back here and discuss.  My first, and probably only really important, question I’ll ask… did you laugh?  More importantly… did you laugh your ass off????

I have no doubt in any tiny part of my twisted and perverse mind that I will have tears of absolute joy being forced from my eyes through the pains of uncontrollable laughter.  A laughter so deep and pure that it may even hurt… in a good way.  So… let make it official, a gentleman agreement.  We’ll watch, we’ll laugh and then we’ll all meet back here to chat it up.  Word?

Update: Sonofabitch made me eat my words.  Wasn’t funny.  Holding my head in shame.  Damn.

Based on the website over at camp FX, here is the official “About” for Russell’s show:

Brand X with Russell Brand features Brand’s unvarnished and unfiltered point of view on current events, worldwide politics and popular culture. Taking on the news of the day like no one else, Brand uses his unconventional sensibility, spirituality, humor and status as a recently transplanted Englishman to get to the bottom of what the news really means. The show will be driven by Brand’s interaction with a live audience as he discusses pundits, news makers and activists – many of whom he calls his friends. In addition, former Congressional policy advisor and Harvard University graduate Matt Stoller will appear on Brand X as a political, economic and historical consultant.

The half-hour show, produced weekly from Los Angeles, will bring an unmistakably irreverent attitude to FX late night. The series is produced by FX Productions in association with Branded Films and Dakota Pictures. Executive producers for Brand X with Russell Brand are Russell Brand, Troy Miller, Nik Linnen and John Noel. Miller also serves as director of the series.