Watch out Netflix, Itunes, and Amazon.  A new force is entering the movie digital download market place.  Big box stores Sears and Kmart have teamed up to offer digital movie downloads via their program called Alphaline Entertainment.

Does this mean we are going to get blue light specials on movie downloads?  Prices look to start at $3.99 for rentals and $19.99 for purchases.  The service, which will be run by Sonic’s RoxioNow software, and should be similar to Best Buy’s online video store.  It also appears that when you purchase titles, you will have the ability to download the movie on up to five devices.  Not a bad option really.

Will this be able to compete with the heavy weights?  Doubtful.  But competition is always good.  As long as Home Depot and Lowes don’t jump into the fray, we should all benefit from this new service.