Here’s a quick glance at what is in theaters (and our place) this weekend.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:  The next installment of CS Lewis‘ classic tale hits the theaters today.  Of course, you can catch it in 3D.  We’ve heard that the script is vastly different’ from the book.  So if you are purest that loves the books, prepare yourself to be disappointed.

The Tourist: Depp and Jolie in this thriller about what goes wrong when you meet someone on vacation.  In a nutshell that’s what it is about.

Here’s a quick look at what is hitting our small screen this weekend.


Six Feet Under, Season 1, Disc 1:  I have one more episode of this disc to watch.  First impressions, I like it.  I keep expecting Micheal C Hall to go all Dexter on someone, but he just keeps kissing dudes.  It’s all good, I like the show.   I’m hooked.

Death at  Funeral:  I’m in need of a little laughter, so this should do the trick just fine.


Blood Diamond: Never got around to this one… but heard how amazing it is.

Get Him to the Greek: It’s just not Saturday Night without a few good laughs.  Looking forward to seeing this one (while a little drunk mind you!)