While you may or may not be a fan of American idol, it is the #1 most watched show across every network in the USA… with a combined audience bested only by a single show that airs once a year, the SuperBowl.  That being said, when something big about the show rolls around… the WGUB will say a little somthin about it.

We all know that Simon willingly left the show after the previous season aired… which, I felt, was a shame because he was the only real voice on that damned blah-blah-blah fest.  Then yesterday it was announced that Ellen DeGeneres was removing herself from the program because it just wasn’t a good fit (love Ellen, but DUH!).  Now, the last feasible reason for tuning into the twisted Star-Search reincarnation… Kara DioGuardi… has been fired (according to everybody’s favorite, and creepily reliable, TMZ).  I feel that she really was the last good thing AI had going on, in the way of actual talent giving real opinions and just overall eye-candy.

But hey, what the hell do I know?  I guess this next season when I pour my peach wine-cooler, put on my dress (cuz if I’m gonna act like a bitch, i may as well dress like one), and tune into American Idol… I’ll have to stare at J. Lo’s fine ass instead.  bitter-sweet I suppose.  One last time… for all the fans out there (thank you for the pic MTV.com!)… KARA D-O-GUARDI!!!!!!!!!