No need to hold your breath any longer… reported that after 5 harrowing years of hiding his monstrous secret, Michael C. Hall’s “Dexter” will have to keep on bobbing and weaving the truth!  That’s right… Showtime just officially picked Dexter up for a 6th Season.  In an interview with

“Dexter is the best suspense drama on television,” said David Nevins, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks.  “To grow its audience so significantly in its fifth season is an enormous accomplishment by this amazing cast and crew.  This is the easiest decision I’ve made since I got to Showtime.”

Gaining audience in the 5th season… NOBODY does that!!!  Just goes to show you that this really is one hell of a great show!

It’s funny reading watchers Facebook comments every time this show airs… in the beginning of the season everybody was like “eh… it’s okay” or “when is it really going to start?”.  Then POW all you suckas got pulled in!!  Hahahahaha… oh, I am one of those suckas too… don’t get me wrong.  Keep on doing the honest work out there peeps… we wouldn’t want a real Dexter paying you a visit.