How are you with Pen & Paper?  How about Paper Mache?  Widdling?  Week-Old Trash Montage?  Well, whatever your preferred method of artistic expression is… the people at Team Coco what to see it!  Hell… they may even want to share it with the world!!!  According to their website (infused with Conan hilarity throughout):

It’s no secret that we’ve got some of the most creative (and good-looking) fans around – and we want to celebrate that. Especially the creative part (we don’t want to brag about your handsomeness. it’s unbecoming)

SOOOOO, we’ve started a Flickr pool to start collecting all the great Team Coco art that you guys have been making!! HEAD ON OVER OUR FLICKR POOL RIGHT HERE AND START UPLOADING, SUCKA!! Not only will it be great to see all that awesome stuff in one place, but the stuff we like the best, we’ll use ON THE AIR! That’s right, baby: Make something sweet and it just might be on our show. There’s no deadline or anything; this is just something that we want to start doing because you guys rock. ALL HAIL THE CREATIVITY OF TEAM COCO!!

I’m anxious to see how you make that prison shiv into a glorious representation of all things tall w/ an orange top!  If you do feel like submitting your piece of “art” send it to us too… we’ll put it up for all to enjoy!  Here’s ours:

When you visit their official Flickr page you’ll find the rules and blah blah blah… which is here:

About Team Coco Arts & CraftsCalling all Team Coco artists! We luuuurve seeing your amazing creations! So please join this group and upload your Conan & Team Coco inspired artwork. We encourage you to include your website URL and/or contact information in your Flickr profile in order for us to better credit your work. In some cases, we may reach out to you to discuss commissioning original art from you for real cash-money!

A few things you should know…

(i) Please have your original uploads as close to 1920×1080 as possible (the bigger the better – and landscape orientation is better for TV)

(ii) We may use your photograph/submissions on-air in actual episodes of “Conan” on TBS, whether in show “bumpers” featuring fan content or in show sketches.
(iii), We may also choose photos from this pool to appear in articles featured on, and various Team Coco social networking pages. By uploading your photograph to this pool, you’re expressly agreeing to the Team Coco Terms of Service and our Photography Release. If we use your photograph online, we’ll be sure to give you full credit in the article or related material, and even link to your site.

(iv) These points are a brief summary, and may not address all the points contained in the full release. The full release is available here for your review.

And that’s about it! Thanks for stopping by — and GO TEAM COCO!