For all those Droid users that are a bit jealous of their friends usage of Siri , have no fear, there might be an answer in the works from Google.

Google is reportedly working on a virtual assistant to match wits with Siri on android phones.  The “app”, reportedly with the code name of Majel is still having the bugs worked out, and is rumored to drop by the end of the year.  Insiders at Google have stated that 1st quarter of 2012 is more realistic though.

While Droid users have many options when it comes to a Siri like experience like Sykvi, Vlingo, and Speaktoit Assistant.  But after working through these myself, I really have found them buggy and not perfect.   The name recognition isn’t the greatest when you come across names that aren’t really gender specific.

Majel will probably be limited to information searches at first.  WHich isn’t much of a reach from Google’s voice search function now.  But the big difference will be the plain speak function that Siri users love.  Through Google’s voice commands now you have to do a lot of “Listen To…” or “Navigate To…” instructions when you really want to say, “Hey, play some Foo Fighters Bitch!” or “I need to poop, where’s the nearest bathroom”?  And of course we know that we all want the cute little responses you get from Siri as well.

We will of course keep you posted on this, and once we get our hands on it a full review will come.