Of all the memories in my life I’d have to say a great deal of them are TV related.  Those after-school cartoons… those Saturday morning cartoons… A-Team… Misfits of Science… Knight Rider… and on and on and on.  Lt Riggs taught me how to shave in Lethal Weapon, Brad Pitt showed me how to smoke pot in True Romance, My first boobs were seen on Showtime… the memories are endless!

However, a lot has changed these days.  You can no longer catch a squiggly off-colored twisted staticy breast when your parents are in bed and the cost of cable is through the freakin roof.  I personally took the plunge and cut the cable tie a couple of years ago now.  Do I miss it sometimes?  Yeah.  Still haven’t seen an episode of Mad Men.  But I’ve adapted (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu… all of which are still much much cheaper than that damn cable bill).  Magically… the power of TV itself has even diminished.  Who’d a thunk it… watch it less, miss it less.  I wonder what else would seem less important with less of it around?

Anyway… time for my question to all of you.  How do you get entertainment injected into your brain?  Time for a poll (and hey… please try doing it this time, I really want to know.)

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