Here is a look at what is hitting the shelves on Blu-Ray this week.

Megamind:  Brad Pitt vs. Will Ferrel.  Cartoon style.

Due Date:  Starring Robert Jr. Downey and  Zach Galifianakis.  The cross-country adventure of one guy who just wants to get home to see a baby pop out of his wife’s vagina.  And the adventure of another guy who just seemed like he always wanted to stop him.  Our full review here.  Two words for you..”Masturbating Dog..”

Weeds:  Season Six: The Hemptress is back.  Seriously, if you don’t watch this show, you are missing out on one of the more funnier shows out there.  Great writing, great acting, and characters you can connect with.  There is no excuse not to start watching, they are available via Netflix streaming.

Memento (10th Anniversary Edition): Seriously, did anyone else have to watch this movie like five times to get it?  But it is written/directed by one of the WGUB’s favorites.  Christopher Nolan.

The Stieg Larsson Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl Who Played with Fire / The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest):  I think it is worth mention, since everyone is reading these books that you can now pick up the first rendition of these films.  They are foreign, but if you want to wait, Hollywood is redoing them in English for us.
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