Vikings reportedly offer Favre a raise to play this season.  On the table is a 3 million dollar raise and another 4 million in incentives.  Could bring his total payday up to 20 million this season if he plays.  Really hope that wasn’t the motivation of this leaked report.  It will make me lose even more respect for the guy.

Detroit Lions report they have reached a contract with #2 draft pick Nadmukong Suh worth 60 million dollars and 40 million guaranteed.  Suh, a defensive tackle who was atop many teams draft boards has already missed 6 practices with the Lions. 

In NBA news, Shaquille O’Neal has agreed to a veteran minimum contract to play with the Boston Celtics.  Shaq will reportedly make 1.4 million dollars next season as Boston try to retool their roster to stay competitive with the front-runners in the Eastern Conference.   He will fill in for injured center Kendrick Perkins who is out until at least February 2011 with a bad knee he suffered in the NBA finals.  Expect O’Neal’s 12 points a game to be a slight improvement at the center position for Boston, even if he is a good 5 years past his prime.

Jets continue training camp with out All Pro corner back Darrell Revis.  Revis who wants to be the highest paid corner back in the league, decided to hold out from camp to resolve this.  Jets have reached out to him with both short-term and long-term options.  But with uncertainty of the CBA, don’t look for any block buster deal to happen.  I expect them to offer him something along the lines of Tennessee’s Chris Johnson, a modifcation of his contract to pay him more bonus up front. 

Albert Haynesworth continues to be fat, rich and lazy.  Missed his conditioning test for the 7th time.  I’m wonder who blinks first?  Mike Shanahan or Haynesworth.  My bet is Daniel Snyder.  21 million is a lot to pay someone who isn’t working over philosophical differences.  Look for Haynesworth to start practicing sometime next week, regardless of test results.