Before I say this I should preface it with the fact that this information comes from a completely untested and new source.  They could literally be pulling this out of their fat-ass in an effort to be funny or piss people off.

Moving on!!  According to SportsbyBrooks, the 2011 SuperBowl Half-Time Show entertainment will be: The Black Eyed Peas.  When discussing this “breaking news” with PaysteeWhite he replied:

That’s completely craptastic.  Ferigno…or Fergie before the d!ck implant, is as over-rated as Twitter and Rubix Cube. I can’t wait to hear their 4 songs I’ve heard on Today Show, Today Show 2, Today 3, Good Morning America, Wendy Williams commercial breaks, Ellen’s lame a$$ down syndrome dance party every 3 minutes on her show, every Ford and Coke tie-in, driving on the way to friend’s house to watch the game, sitting thru the sub-par-tarded half-time extraveghonneria, then belligerently drunk post game beating my wife “Wit Dat BOOM BOOM BOOM!”  Here’s to the Super Bowl homies.