It’s not big secret that we have a minor love affair with Netflix and a device that is designed to deliver it to us, The Roku.  But did you know that Netflix isn’t the only channel you can get on your Roku box?  I was browsing their channel store the other night and they have added quite a few new channels that you can take advantage of.

I was surprised to see that they had a new poker channel.  I pulled it up and it was like I was sitting in front of a video poker machine in Vegas.  One of the other favorites is the NASA Channel, where you can get live feed from the ISS.  I can’t think of a better screen saver to be honest with you.  I personally also love access to‘s video library where you can purchase or rent new releases.  It only expands the viewing options.

With tons of free channels, you can access music through Pandora, your pictures through Flickr, or listen to your own MP3’s through MP3Tunes

The channel store is only going to grow as more people find uses for this. 

Check them out at