It pretty much goes without saying that the iPhone is abundant with more technology than we really know what to do with.  Social networking galore, expense trackers for business, scientific calculators, shopping apps, dictionaries, health guides, pissed off birds, etc, etc, etc. 

If you type “weather” into the app store you’ll get 180 choices to pick from… on just the first page.  So, every once in a while its nice step back and take a low-tech approach to the hi-tech world.  iPhones included! 

For this we look towards a cool little app called Thermo (FREE).  Curious what it’s like outside?  Compared to yesterday?  Thermo takes all the busy hullabaloo normally bogging down your iPhone screen and gives you a super simple look at what’s going on right outside.  Here’s how the maker Robocat describes it:

Thermo is a simple approach to Weather. This little pocket thermometer shows the current temperature outside along with the temperature from the day before.

The App Store is packed with increasingly advanced weather gizmos for aspiring meteorologists, but sometimes all you need to know is the temperature outside.

Having problems judging absolute temperature values? Most of us do! That’s why we’ve included the temperature from yesterday. This gives you context, letting you compare how much hotter or colder it is today from the day before, a feature missing from most other weather apps.

Thermo has a unique and crisp interface, making it that much more enjoyable to check the temperature.

★ Features ★

✔ Current local temperature from Across the World in a gorgeous interface
✔ Yesterday’s temperature for your comparison (Note: not yesterday’s average, but the temperature exactly 24 hours ago)
✔ Auto Locate on startup, or manually search your location
✔ Tap on the glass to refresh temperature manually
✔ Celsius and Fahrenheit support
✔ Ad Supported, Upgrade to an Ad-Free version with In App Purchase