What was my favorite part of the Superbowl on Sunday?  The Game?  The Commercials?  The Halftime Show?  Maybe… not really… nope.  Or was it the string of texts I got from everybodies favorites twisted person… PaysteeWhite???  Hells Yes!!!  Here is what blew up my phone yesterday afternoon:

Before Kickoff

“Hey, I think the SuperBowl is sponsored by Ritz, State Farm and Pizza Hut.  For the love of shit.”

“I sincerely hope the Packers don’t win.  I know what big Steeler fans the Egyptians are and I’d hate to see a riot escalate.”


“Can a brother get a nip slip with Fergie?!  Damn, not even an Usher ball shot.”

“Did I just watch the Black Eyed Peas or the Tron movie live?”

4th Quarter

“You know Tom Brady gets the Superbowl MVP right?  This was settled in August before the season started.”