We run across some funny things.   We ran across this sign the other day and brought the questions to our minds.  A.  Where do we sign up for this job?  B. I wonder what the male equivalent of Vajazzling would be? Not that 99.9 percent of men would/should do this, cause lets face it ladies, our D and B’s are already a beautiful sight. We came up with a few thoughts, what do you think?  Some of the ideas we tossed around were.

1. Dijazzling

2. Balljazzling

3. Disco Balls

4. Twinkledicking

5. Tainttastic

But hey, we know we don’t have all the answers.  What kind of funny things can you think of?   Just think, if you did bejewel your junk guys, no more need for those ribbed condoms right?   All I’m saying is that if you did go downtown on a girl that had been vajazzled, I would be worried I’d come up with a grill that would make a rapper jealous.

We’d love to hear from anyone that has done this/seen this.  Pictures are always welcome as well.