Ummm… so yes, it’s Sunday morning… and yes, I am just now getting the top 5 up.  Why?  Let’s just say from Friday around 3:30 till roughly 5 min ago is a bit of a blur.  Moving on. 

You soaked them up like this pile of toast is about to soak up all my pain and regret… and you loved them like Paystee loves his midget trannies.  Here they are stacked up in order of ultimate awesomeness…. your TOP 5 POSTS OF THE WEEK!

  1. Reviw: theKubePlayer
  2. Breaking News: Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital
  3. Sony NGP
  4. I Say it Nearly Every Week…. but
  5. COD: Black Ops First Strike Screen Shots

There you go friends… spend a little time strolling down memory lane if you have time, if not… no worries.  We’ll have lots of fun new stuff for you starting tomorrow.