Here’s a quick look at the top five posts on our site of this week.  Once again our homepage is still the most visited, which is great news!  We once again thank you for checking in.  But for those that might have missed out on reading all the article, this is what you might have missed.

Netflix iPhone App

Netflix iPhone/iPod App is LIVE!!!!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review

Is That Some Bose in Your Ear?

Unemployed? Homeless? We can help…

In case you missed our announcements on Facebook this week, we not only added a new contributor to our site in PaysteeWhite, but we also added video to our blog, had our 200th post, and celebrated our one month anniversary.   Thanks for all you that have been helping spread the word and we hope you like what we have been doing.

And it’s Friday, so kick back with your family and friends.  Have a cold one and watch some sports.  We’ll catch you on the flip side.