Yeah folks, you have heard that right.  Weezer is naming their 8th studio album after everyone’s favorite castaway (Sorry Gilligan), Hurley from Lost. 

According to, in usual Weezer style you can help them design alternates to the album cover picture  by downloading a picture of front man Rivers Cuomo and Jorge Garcia.  Simply whip yourself into a photo shopping frenzy and send in your submissions.  Winners will get an autographed copy of their submission and bragging rights as biggest Weezer/Lost nerd.  I prefer to be called a Leezer thank you.  I don’t like those people over at the Wezost group. 

If any of should happen to submit an entry, send it to us here at WGUB and we will share it with all of our readers on our site.  Who knows, we may even turn it into a contest!  (Hint, Hint)

From Weezer’s site, sounds like a free concert in Hunington Beach this weekend.