We constantly get bombarded with questions from our avid fans on just who we are.  Of course you could get some of this information on our page in our section, “Who we Are, What we Do”.  But for those of you wanting more and more information about us.  We came up with a short list to hopefully narrow it down for you.  Hope this clears up some of the confusion. 

We’re the guys who wear jeans to the public golf course.

We’re the guys who still wear trucker hats.

We’re the guys who wear tuxedo t-shirts to a black tie event.

We’re the guys who carry a motorcycle helmet but we just parked our Prius.

We’re the guys who will rock the “Who Farted?” shirt at the family reunion.  Scratch that…..job interview.

We’re the guys who do not flatten our bills or wear schmedium Affliction Gay Hardy camisas

We’re the guys that will Dutch oven a one night stand.

We’re the guys that will stare at you at the gym while you’re working your inner thighs.

We’re the guys that wear biker gear to a funeral.

We’re the guys that your mom told you about.