The Turkey has digested and the stain from your cousins cranberry surprise is officially removed.  Dad’s passed out… Mom is talking to Aunt Jane about something mind-numbing… cousin Amy is looking hoooooot… and you badly need a drink.  Well, you now have one more thing to be thankful for today.  Us!!!

Grab a few glasses, Raid the liquor cabinet and fridge and let’s get our damn drink on people!!!

White Glossy Underground Board Mixes

  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Sailor Jerry + Captain Morgan + Admiral Nelson + Sprite + Skittles = SeaSide Gay Pride GangBang
  • Eggshell Mix: A shot of Bandero tequila = Snooki spit
  • Paystee Mix: 2 parts Cognac, 1 part menthol, All King Cobra = Kill Whitey
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Kraken Rum & Ice = the Michael Clarke Duncan Donkey Punch
  • Eggshell Mix: Bowen’s and diet = the uh-oh I crapped my pants
  • Pasytee Mix: Vodka, Lo-Cal Monster Energy drink, crushed ice swirled with syringe = Jersey Shore
  • Eggshell Mix: Hawaiian punch and vodka = the drunk howlee
  • Pasytee Mix: Moonshine, Mountain Dew & F+CK YOU!!! = South Will Rise Again
  • Eggshell Mix: raspberry vodka, ice tea, and lemonade = Fisting Arnold Palmer
  • Paystee Mix: SoCo + Dr Pepper = spirit of the south or cousin kisser
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Dark Rum, brown sugar, raisins and SoCo = the Morgan Freeman
  • Paystee Mix: Hennessy and Milk = 2012 election
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Coca-Cola + Vodka + Grenadine + a dash of sweet n’ sour = a WhiteGlossy Red
  • Eggshell/Paystee Combo-Mix: Four Loko = Someone is seeing my ass today…getting hit with a pool stick…..and being awesome
  • Paystee Mix: Cranberry juice, Jäger, half eaten celery stick, 2 ice cubes = 12 Hour Diarrhea
(Caution: Some drinks may cause blindness, idiotic behavior, sleeping with your cousin, stabbing a bum or death… Enjoy!)