What… you need a drink?  Yo, we’ll mix it… check out the hook while my Pasytee revolves it!!!!  Add ice, ice baby!  (Yes… you can punch me in the face for this one.)

Sick of your same-olé-same-olé every time you reach into the liquor cabinet?  Have you been dying to try something new and exciting in the tasty libation department?  Well good buddy… check out all of these bad-ass mixes brought to you by none-other than the drinkenest mixologists around.  Us!!!!

White Glossy Underground Board Mixes

  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Sailor Jerry + Captain Morgan + Admiral Nelson + Sprite + Skittles = SeaSide Gay Pride GangBang
  • Eggshell Mix: A shot of Bandero tequila = Snooki spit
  • Paystee Mix: 2 parts Cognac, 1 part menthol, All King Cobra = Kill Whitey
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Kraken Rum & Ice = the Michael Clarke Duncan Donkey Punch
  • Eggshell Mix: Bowen’s and diet = the uh-oh I crapped my pants
  • Pasytee Mix: Vodka, Lo-Cal Monster Energy drink, crushed ice swirled with syringe = Jersey Shore
  • Eggshell Mix: Hawaiian punch and vodka = the drunk howlee
  • Pasytee Mix: Moonshine, Mountain Dew & F+CK YOU!!! = South Will Rise Again
  • Eggshell Mix: raspberry vodka, ice tea, and lemonade = Fisting Arnold Palmer
  • Paystee Mix: SoCo + Dr Pepper = spirit of the south or cousin kisser
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Dark Rum, brown sugar, raisins and SoCo = the Morgan Freeman
  • Paystee Mix: Hennessy and Milk = 2012 election
  • WhiteGlossy Mix: Coca-Cola + Vodka + Grenadine + a dash of sweet n’ sour = a WhiteGlossy Red
  • Eggshell/Paystee Combo-Mix: Four Loko = Someone is seeing my ass today…getting hit with a pool stick…..and being awesome
  • Paystee Mix: Cranberry juice, Jäger, half eaten celery stick, 2 ice cubes = 12 Hour Diarrhea
(Caution: Some drinks may cause blindness, idiotic behavior, sleeping with your cousin, stabbing a bum or death… Enjoy!)