Here’s a quick look at what’s coming out over the Christmas Holiday.

True Grit:  Jeff Bridges has not one, but two movies out this Christmas season. The remake of the John Wayne classic is directed by the Coen brothers.  Should be edgy and well acted.  Co-stars Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. Our coverage here.

**Side note, love Jeff Bridges.  Love his work, he seems like a cool guy.  But what the hell is up with the way he speaks sometimes.  When he is in a movie, he sounds normal.  But when he recently hosted SNL, he sounded like he had a mouth full marbles.  I’m not hating, I’m just insanely curious.**

Little Fockers:  The third installment of the “Focker” movies.  Sure it will have its moments, but has rental written all over it to me.

Gulliver’s Travels:  It wouldn’t be Christmas without a 3D movie.  Jack Black takes his act (like that right?) to Lilliput.