Here’s a look at what is hitting the market via Blu-Ray this week.

Drive:  He drives, he doesn’t carry a gun.  But he does wear a bitching jacket with a scorpion on it.

In Time:  Justin Timberlake, action star.  Time is money in this one.  Or is the other way around?

The Thing:  The 2011 remake of the classic.

Dream House: James Bond stars in this psychological thriller set in upstate New York.

The Big Year:  Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson go looking for a bird.  So exciting…I’m sure there is a few life lessons sprinkled in there too.

Adaptation: Charlie Kaufman is a Los Angeles screenwriter battling enormous feelings of insecurity and impotence as he struggles to adapt The Orchid Thief a book by Susan Orlean, whose main character, John Laroche, is searching for love.

And a quick gander at what is trending higher on

  1. DMT: The Spirit Molecule 2010
  2. The Confession (2011) 2011
  3. Strange Sex: Season 1 2010
  4. Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 ▲2
  5. Billy Madison 1995 ▲2
  6. Boss: Season 1 2011 ▲45
  7. Orgazmo 1998 ▼3
  8. Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: Tales From My Secret Public Journal 2008 ▲1
  9. Grave Encounters 2011 ▼1
  10. Babel 2006 ▼5