How many times have you spied that last parking spot from a row over only to find the car next to it parked too far over-the-line for anyone to fit (on purpose)?  Maybe you just had a waiter that was a total ass-hole and treated you like that meal was a gross waste of his time?  Perhaps you just need that little something extra to toss in your buddies gift to show how much you really care?

All of the above situations, and many many many more can be resolved with the ultimate token in passive aggression… Orange32’s Douche Card ($5 for 25).  We bought these about 6 months ago and burned through our first 25 in a matter of days… then chose to be a little more selective with our second round, but damn we love handing these little guys out!!!  We’ve actually gotten to the point where we straight-up hand them to people now… and not always our friends.  It’s kind of universal… if somebody calls you out as being a douche, and you are, take it and move on.

Sidenote – reading the WGUB automatically erases any and all doucheness for a full 24 hours.  It’s been proven.