Ok, so we’ve covered clothing, weapons that go bang, weapons that can cleave heads off, and hi tech gadgets.  Now let’s talk about a few various items that you might want on hand. 

Like most smart people of course you have a small supply of canned goods at your disposal right?  But what to do when that you’ve eaten all the spaghettio’s and are left with nothing but an expired can of corn?  Hopefully you took our warnings to heart and started to prepare for the day that Zombies walked the earth.  Another smart way to prepare for this is to load up on MREs (military rations).  Available for purchase for $81 from Amazon you can stock up on 12 meals worth of food.  We recommend picking up a couple of weeks worth of these bad boys just to get you by. 

The Sure-Pak 12 meal case contains 12 individual meal bags. There are two each of six different menus for variety in each case. Each meal bag contains an entrée, side dish, dessert item, cracker or wheat bread and spread, beverage powder and a condiment pack with a spoon, napkin, wet nap, salt, pepper, coffee, creamer and sugars. The menus in each case depend upon availability, and cannot be specified on a case by case basis. The case of SurePak comes with flameless ration heaters.

More than likely, if zombies attack it is going to be an extended event.  You will probably run out of food within a few weeks, if not days.  This leads you to need to venture out into the world to pick up some food.  You’ll need to ninja down to the local market to pick up some supplies.  But what if your presented with a locked door?  You need to get in, and get in fast.  That is where the ZAK TOOL comes into play. 

The Halligan Tactical Entry Tool was designed for use by law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel for accomplishing forcible entry into buildings, vehicles and other locked enclosures. The working ends of the tool will perform a diversity of tasks including prying, pounding, and puncturing the tubular steel handle reduces the overall weight while enhancing leverage, control and balance during use. The material used as well as the manufacturing process involved are the best available and are backed with a full lifetime guarantee.

Just be careful at the local market.  Anyone that has ever seen a zombie movie knows that the first place you run into zombies is at a store.  Especially the supermarket.  Get in, get your sh*t and get out!  Don’t forget to load up on water and sports drinks.  Stay away from the heavily caffeinated stuff.  That will just make you jumpy and crazy.  Not the best state to be in if you run across other survivors.

Let me now take a moment to wax poetic about Duct Tape.  Has there every been anything invented (aside from fire and the wheel) that you can think of more uses for?  Need to repair a tear in your pants?  Boom, Duct Tape.  Cut a finger off?  Boom, Duct Tape.  Need to tie up someone? Boom, Duct Tape.  Need to close a gushing wound?  Boom, Duct Tape.  This is going to be the most versatile piece of your kit, so pick up about a dozen rolls of it.  It’s cheap, and easy to carry around. 

You are going to need light from time to time as the power grid decays.  You need a light-weight flashlight that can serve you well.  Any flashlight would probably do, but when you are going to war against the undead, why not get something with the word tactical in it.  Just seems way more legit.  We suggest the 5.11 Tactical® UC3.400 Light For Life® Flashlight ($169) for this application. 

5.11 Tactical” has entered into a partnership with IVUS Energy Innovations, the makers of Flashpoint™ Power Technology, to bring you a flashlight that will revolutionize the portable lighting category. The 5.11 Tactical® UC3.400 Light For Life® Flashlight provides the longest uptime, the fastest recharge on the market, it is environmentally friendly and you will never need to replace your flashlight. The 5.11 Tactical® Light For Life® Flashlight will go from dead flat to a full charge in only 90 seconds – 160 times faster than the nearest rechargeable flashlight.

And finally, you have to worry about if you get injured.  The worst thing possible is if you break something, so be carefully you clumsy idiot.  But for the normal day-to-day injuries too small for Duct Tape.  Pick up a good quality medical bag.  Something that can get you through until you can restock at your next run to Wal-Mart.  We like the M3 Medic Bag ($50.99)


Commonly known in the field as the Combat Lifesavers Kit, the M3 Medic Bag holds everything you need for when an emergency arises. Designed with three attached compartments, this bag folds together and can be transported with the strong, durable shoulder strap.

That’s the wrap on some of the more lo-tech items you should round-up to keep you clicking along when the zombies come a knocking.