Or maybe it is both!

We get a lot of cool stuff here at our site.  Stuff that we get to mess around with, try to find fault or greatness with.  But every now and again we get something on our desk that is just hella fun to mess around with.  And the Spiderpodium is one of those things.   The Spiderpodium is dubbed as a travel dock for your favorite electronic device.  And comes in two sizes, one for smaller devices like iPhones ($20) and another designed to support the iPad ($35) or tablets.

Being sick and twisted like I am, of course I had to scare my wife and dog with it.  Cause a little gadget that resembles a rather large spider doesn’t come into your life everyday.   First of, this thing is just really fun.  As soon as I had unwrapped it I thought of about a dozen things I could use it for.   Basically, the body of the Spiderpodum is a molded rubber over some sort of bendy heavy gauge wire type stuff.   It is impressive that it is very sturdy in construction, as well as very easy to mold into pretty much any shape you want it to go into.  And you probably deduced by the name, it has eight legs like a…well…a spider.  It also comes in two colors, white and black.

It was designed with the smart phone in mind, but I decided to try it with the old-fashioned video iPod.  Once molded into an appropriate stand, I was able to sit back and relax and watch Inception while it posed on my desk in all it’s glory.   It did take some trial and error as to which legs to wrap around the device and which legs to use as a base.  But with eight to choose from, it was super easy to form a nice wide base and still secure the device enough to where the legs were not blocking the screen, nor did I feel like my device was in danger of falling over if I bumped the desk.  Would it survive an earthquake?  Doubtful, but for what I wanted with it, it was perfect.

The Spiderpodium brags about its versatility, so I thought I would take it to the car and see how it handled.  I’ve got a GPS that I love, but I don’t really dig the bean bagish stand I use on my dashboard.    Again I was easily able to wrap my device (with the cord attached) and then wedge the tips of the legs into my air vents.  First off, the legs fit well into the vents, and created a nice amount of friction to hold the GPS well.  The added weight of the power cord didn’t drag it down.  Of course, I had to do my due diligence on this portion of the review.  So I took some railroad tracks at 60 to see how that would go.  Yes, the podium and GPS moved, but they didn’t fall out.  A true testament the sturdiness of it.  Car test passed.

In the home, there are tons of things you could use this with.  I hung a lightbulb from a board in my garage easily with it.  Switched it out and was able to hang a lantern with it too.  This thing is strong as the day is long.  I found the most fun in just using it to hold random things in my house.  Like my badger brush from the Art of Shaving. It just dries better upside down.  Sure it doesn’t match the bathroom decor, but who cares?

All in all for the price, you can get a lot of great uses out of the Spiderpodium.  It stood up to our tomfoolery very well and we only scratched the surface on what this thing could probably hold.  You could easily strap it to a bike to hold your iPhone or GPS.  It could probably hold a small flashlight if you were working under a sink.  The larger tablet version could easily attach to a car headrest to turn your tablet into a portable media viewer in a car. On thing I do know, is that I am putting it in my travel gadget bag.   I know that at some point I will need it.

Like this as much as we do?  Why not get a free one?  That’s right, we are throwing this into our two-year anniversary pot.  Stay tuned next week for the big announcement on everything you can can get your hands on!