I haven’t worn a watch in almost 3 years now.  It wasn’t necessarily on purpose either… I used to plop that hunk of metal on my wrist every morning before work, giving me the time of day instantly at my beck and call.  Then the battery died.  I found myself putting off the simple fix, for no apparent reason.  A couple of weeks went by.  A couple of months went by.  Suddenly I realized that I didn’t miss my watch at all… I mean, yeah, the status symbol of a cool watch kicks up your professionalism a notch or two… but I didn’t need my watch anymore.  Hell, everywhere I looked was a clock… my computer, phone at work, cell phone in my pocket, the sun, everywhere… why do I need another one on my wrist creating an awkward tan-line?  So I decided to permanently skip it.

Now… I take everything I just said back if I had a watch like the Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axil Watch ($TBA)!!!!!!  “Geneva Waves” dial pattern, honeycombed chronograph dials, black or silver dials, and oozing with awesomeness… this is one helluva sick watch!  It even has the ability to change time with just the hour hand for those of you constantly bouncing through time-zones.  Plus, I’m pretty sure this watch can bump you up 1 or 2 points on the likely-to-get-laid list.  It’s an Omega, so expect it to be pricey, but hey… it’s you… and you deserve it!