Got to love Sony for coming up with this little gem.  With the ability to write up to 25g on a single disc, as well as allowing for 3D playback the Sony BDX-S500U external Blu-ray drive is the perfect companion to your laptop or even your home entertainment system.  Just being able to back up all your media files onto perhaps one or two Blu-ray discs over 10 dvd’s is almost enough to drop the $200 for this cool device. 

Installed in the living room, the BDX-S500U from Sony Optiarc is an impressively versatile unit. Delivered with the CyberLink BD Suite, the external burner replaces the DVD player in the home cinema system. It is also optimally equipped for future home cinema applications as one of the first Blu-ray Disc players for 3D movies. The BDX-S500U can be used for the fast and long-term archiving of personal memories such as family photos, for video collection organisation and for the storage of favourite music from the PC or audio player. Users who have a PC, notebook and netbook now only need one drive for all three devices. They can quickly and conveniently store vast quantities of data and always have access to the CDs and DVDs in their video and music collection. Even when travelling, movie and TV series fans benefit from the BDX-S500U because this compact and light Blu-ray Disc Writer delivers brilliant images – whether the user is on the train, in the hotel, using a notebook or a flat screen.