So you’ve got your clothing handled.  Great news for you.  Not only do you look sharp, but you are ready to take on the undead.  Here at the WGUB, we believe in one thing and one thing only.  Taking the fight to them. 

While we like to think of ourselves as being well versed in things that go “KABOOM!” we felt at this juncture it might be better to defer to an expert in gun knowledge.  Upon asking around to some friends that own enough weapons to start a militia, I posed the question to them… “If you were going to fight zombies, what would be the one gun you would want?”  The best response we got was, “The Springfield SoCom 16, .308, magazine fed, automatic, impervious to moisture (i.e. blood), short barrel and large caliber.  Good for long rang shots as well as your close quarter work.  And it is a f!cking widow maker too!”

Well, with that kind of endorsement we just have to recommend the Springfield SoCom 16 as your main weapon of choice.  Sounds perfect to us!

This gun has an effective range of 300 to 400 yards, perhaps more depending on the aiming device and the ability of the shooter.  I conducted close-quarter combat drills consisting of quickly acquiring and shooting targets at ranges from three to 25 yards and found the SOCOM II to be fast, accurate and easy to aim.

That is all fine and dandy, but we all know that you don’t bring one weapon to the apocalypse.  You of course will need at least a back up weapon.   Something with stopping power and that works well in tight spaces.  Of course, you have to go with a shotgun in this instance.   And if you are going with a shotgun, go with the best.  Buy/steal Remington of course!  For this gun, you want something with a short barrel and easy to fire from the hip.   We are going to recommend the Model 870 Express Tactical A-TACS Camo.

They are rugged ultra-dependable and continually evolve as they’re called to serve in new, increasingly demanding environments. Built on our legendary pump action that’s become the gold standard for high-risk applications, the new 12 gauge Model 870 Express Tactical A-Tacs® Camo is fully dressed in A-tacs digitized camo that absorbs surrounding light for ultimate concealment in urban environments. It has a quick-pointing 18 1/2″ barrel and includes our extended ported Tactical Rem™ Choke SpeedFeed® IV pistol-grip stock optimizes control and dampens recoil with a SuperCell™ recoil pad. For rapid target acquisition, it features a receiver-mounted, fully adjustable XS® Ghost Ring Sight rail with removable white bead front sight – Picatinny-style rail accepts optics and sight systems as well. This gun packs a full 7 rounds of 2 3/4″ or 3″ 12-gauge firepower with the factory-installed 2-shot extension. It also includes a drilled and tapped receiver and sling swivel stud.

Last but certainly not least you are going to want your everyday handgun.  This is going to be our last line of defense when/if you get over run by the evil dead.  Sparring the debate of what caliber you want for your gun we went with magazine size over all else.  That is why we chose the Taurus 24/7 Pistol with Ribber Grips.   We chose the 9mm variety, but this model is available in 45 and .40 caliber as well.  You can make your choice based on whatever you are comfortable with. 



The result of over four years of research and engineering, the 24/7 PRO™ offers a combination of features and enhancements unparalleled in modern handguns. The exclusive Taurus Single Action/Double Action trigger system delivers a level of speed and reliability no other handgun can match. Accuracy prevails thanks to a hand-mated frame, slide and barrel, all with matching serial numbers to assure a flawless fit, finish and functionality previously unheard of from an “out of the box” firearm. The 24/7 PRO also leads the industry in ergonomics, featuring Taurus’ exclusive Ribber Grip® which provides a comfortable, customized feel for every user and every hand size (not available on .45 ACP). In addition, the 24/7 PRO has already set numerous world records in speed shooting competitions, winning high praise from top military, law enforcement and security professionals from around the world. Available in 9mm, .40 caliber and .45 ACP and three distinct barrel lengths, the 24/7 PRO is the duty-use sidearm of the future – and the next pistol that should be at your side.

There you have it folks.  Of course you are going to want to outfit yourself with the top of the line tactical holsters and shoulder straps.   Look for comfort and easy access on this front.  You don’t want to be fumbling around when you need to be quick on the draw.  And it probably goes without saying that you should keep 16 in the clip and one in the hole.