How do you know that you have a hit on your hands?  You sell 8 million units in 60 days.  That, according to Microsoft at CES is exactly what they did.  8 million units out the door!

And why not?  The Kinect is pretty awesome.  We have one, we love it.  The games are for the most part decent.  For a new piece of equipment, it is spot on.

But Microsoft will be bringing the updates soon.  Coming in spring, they will add Kinect support to the Netflix app on Xbox Live.  Meaning you can play, pause, curse out, or whatever you like to do while watching a movie,  with the magical sound of your voice.  Something that is sorely missing from the Kinect experience.  Really, the only drawback on the Kinect is that you still sometimes need a controller/remote to get around the dashboard.

Also  coming in the spring is the Hulu Plus application which until now has only been available on the PS3.  And yes, the Hulu Plus application will be Kinect compatible as well.  Sweet! We’ll keep you updated on when the update will come available.