Are you finally thinking about making the jump to the Iphone?  Well now might be a great time for you, if you don’t mind having some slightly older technology in your hands.

Straight from the CES show, AT&T announced they will be offering the Iphone 3GS for $49 with a two-year commitment.  The new price will be available as of this Friday (01/07/11).

No doubt AT&T is trying to get its teeth into more customers because it is a forgone conclusion that they will soon lose the exclusive rights on the Iphone when it debuts on Verizon.  Which of course is still speculation, but all signs point to the Iphone going to Verizon this year.

Recently I put the question to our resident Iphone whore, Whiteglossy, for his thoughts on this development.

Eggshell-So how much better is the Iphone 4 over the 3GS?  Cause ATT just slashed the price to $49
WhiteGlossy- Having it… I wouldn’t go back.  Before I had it… the 3GS rocked my world!
Eggshell-So all in all, it was a decent phone?
WhiteGlossy-I loved it.

If the Iphone isn’t your thing, AT&T did announce they will be bringing 20 other smartphones to their network in 2011. Variety is always a good thing, especially since At&T was ranked last in customer satisfaction in a recent survey by Consumer Reports (story)  in 2010.

One has to wonder if having more customers on an already strained network will only lead to AT&T’s issues with connectivity, but the company has been proactive recently by adding public Wi-Fi spots in New York and San Francisco recently.  The company feels that having more spots like this will help lessen the burden on the wireless network.

So if you’ve got an upgrade burning in your pocket, or some left over holiday cash.  It might be a good time to pick up that Iphone you have been drooling over.  Just remember, you are stuck with it for two years.  And a lot can happen in the tech world, especially smart phone world in two years.  But if you don’t care about having the latest and greatest all the time, this is the deal of all deals.