You need some gear to round out your tailgating time.  We have found a few things that are down to be in your kit. 

Of course you could be a real man and just turn the meat with your hands.  It’s not that hot right?  But for everyone else, you’ll need some badass tools that are meant for the turning and handling meat (insert dirty joke here).  We recommend these bad boys, in your favorite team logo of course.   This has everything you need to get your grill on in style.

But what do we do while the meat is slow cooking to greatness?  Well you need some entertainment of course.  Aside from praying that the cheerleaders come by or heckling passing opposing fans of course.  You can always kill some time with one of these.   It simple and harmless and good for a few laughs we are sure.  Unless you want to pull out the old school beer pong table and really make a run at it.  But the object is to see the whole game, not get kicked out in the first quarter due to public intoxication.  So stick with this fun little toss game.  If anything, let the kids play it why you concentrate on the food and beer. 

Pick up the essential toy with a offical football to throw around.   This is something to be used before it gets to crowded, as well as having it on hand should you get the chance to get an autograph.  Make sure you carry a Sharpie at all times with you.


Of course there are many other things you could have to make the game day experience the best you can.  Each stadium has its own rich traditions, so make sure to follow protocol.  It might be brats at Lambeau field or steamed crab at Candlestick Park, remember this is the greatest time of year in sports.  Where every team has a shot at the big prize.    We are offically ready for some football!