Apparently not all guys are geeks like us.  They don’t get all turned on and worked up by the latest and greatest electronic equipment.  We can sympathize with these people, because there is nothing more we like then getting out of the office for a day at the course, a day on the slopes, or even for a pick up game of hoops behind the office.  Here’s a quick look at some great items/companies that you might want to check out this holiday season.  It seems more and more that golf clubs are becoming a status symbol.  Seems like every time you are on the course some guy is bragging about his new titanium 450cc graphite driver (and in turn his tiny d!ck).   For the causal player, it makes little to no sense to spend a grand on golf clubs you are only going to pick up one or twice a month. But you also don’t want to grab a starter set and play, because those are made for a very generic portion of the population. That is where GigaGolf comes in.  We don’t want to say the offer knock off’s, but what they offer is the same technology of some of the more popular clubs out there, at a fraction of the cost.  Plus you get some customization on the clubs you are buying.  Input some measurements and they offer you suggestions on shaft flex, grip size, length, and lie angle.  On top of it all, you get 30 days to try the clubs out.  If you don’t like them, send em back.  No questions asked.  They want to get it right for you.  We suggest taking a look at Revolution Hybrid Set ($159.99) and a TRX TI Driver ($99.50).   Ladies, if this seems a bit daunting, pick up a gift certificate from them here.

We know that for some of our fans that live in cold weather climate (or near it) might be more in the mood for hitting the slopes.  And who doesn’t like getting a nice new snowboard as a gift?  While we could advocate picking up the Vapor Snowboard by Burton ($1200) (our coverage here), why not look at something a little bit more in the budget with another great board by Burton, the Supermodel Snowboard ($560).  Same great Burton name, just a better value.  And it looks sick as well.

So what if the snow isn’t for you?  It isn’t for everyone that is for sure.  And we are sure that like most self-respecting men you have spent an afternoon getting your nuts shot off at the local paintball range.  We’ve said it before, and we will say it again.  You have to take the fight to them.  What better way then with the US Army Paintball Alpha Black Tactical Edition Paintball Marker ($159).  This bad boy can handle 200 paint balls, a 9 oz. CO2 canister and comes with tactical fog free goggles.  The rest is up for you.  Practice makes perfect. 

 With winter here, we all know that means…Spring is right around the corner.  And with spring comes baseball season.  More importantly for most guys comes the start of the softball league.  Why not start the season off right with a new bat?  Reviews of this one seem to be positive, it’s USSSA 1.20 Certified, NSA and ISA approved, and looks mean as hell.  All good reasons to pick up the Miken Psycho Denny Crine USSSA Slow Pitch Bat ($250).   Getting this as a gift in December will give you plenty of time to get it broke in by April.

Don’t be like a lot of people during the winter.  Don’t pack on the pounds and then make that resolution to “get in shape” on January 1st.  Seriously, you make it hard on everyone that is a regular at the gym.  We all know you are going to stop coming on February 1st.  So save everyone and grab a set of weights for the house.  You’d be surprised how quick and easy it is to get in a decent workout with just a set of dumbbells.  Bowflex has made that much easier with the Bowflex 10lbs-90lbs SelectTech Dumbbells ($600).  They take up a small space, but you can still get many levels of weight.  Pick up an adjustable bench too like the Powertec Workbench Utility Bench ($250) and you are pretty much set. 

Of course there are tons of things that you can pick up that most sport minded guys are going to like.   The options are endless.  Simply walk into your local sporting goods store and we are sure there is going to be at least 100 things in there you could buy.  But don’t forget the simple things that guys like, like ball caps and jerseys for their favorite team.  Great selections at,,, and  Most of these even offer gift certificates if you are having trouble choosing.